Director Message

The world is unexpectedly changing in terms of commerce, economics, technology, IT network, politics, and intellectual practice. Environmental changes tremendously affect the way we human beings think and act. Today education is to make young leaders think about exiting and upcoming challenges and opportunities with their active involvement in the act of managing challenges and fully utilizing opportunities for a shared story of success. Realizing issues of contemporary world, MUSOM has been made on autonomous business school of Mid-Western University to offer interdisciplinary management educations that can restructure outdated higher management education.

Having realized unprecedented changes and developement in management education across the globe, I am happy to share about academic vision, mission, and strategies visualized by MUSOM academic leadership. MUSOM has the vision for becoming the center of excellence for management education. its mission is to make vision come true by providing inclusive management education based on the scientific teaching and research. Community based method, case method, virtual education, world class research and publication, and interactive classroom sharing are some strategies to accomplish vision and mission of MUSOM. MUSOM faculty members are really motivated and dedicated towards interactive teaching learning. They lead their students into the world of innovative thinking and action to understand dynamics of local and global socio-economic changes. MUSOM MBA and BBA students involve actively in exploring and resolving their real life-difficulties. They do not just learn business related concepts, practices, skills, and management orientation. Furthermore, they acquire applicable knowledge and wisdom derived from logic, technology, IT, and fundamental insights of cultureal realities. MUSOM inspires its graduate to be the master of their decision for succcess. It offers intellectual freedom to it faculties and students for new intellectual discovery and truth. MUSOM allow students to promote basic human values for the intellectual diversity, peace, and justice.

MUSOM leadership advocates for new rural community based academic management program. I humbly request all stakeholders to support MUSOM fo inclusive management education in Karnali Province. I would like to welcome young leaders of Karnali Province to join MUSOM is ready to help young people for becoming dreamer and outstanding professional thought academic program, reasearch and publication.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Shahi, PhD