Chairman Message

Having realized corporate necessities of the emerging commercial sectors. MUSOM aims at supplementing the commercial sectors. MUSOM aims at supplementing the commercial sectors with skilled graduates who would be innovative to explore and manage challenges of the changing business environment of the country.

I feel honored to chair the MUSOM Governing Council. I am happy to guide dedicated team of MUSOM committed to achieving its academic vision through interdisciplinary approacheds to management education. BBA and MBA management in Nepal. Blending theory and practice, bothacademic programs are designed for quality management education. Focusing on participatory pedagogy and case method, MUSOM leads its students into a variety of learning activities through project work, presentation, field visit, and discussion. Along with its students’ active involvement in activities, MUSOM provides opportunities to its faculty memebers for research, publication, international visit, higher study and community contribution. I ensure MUSOM will launch new programs to address the issues and challenges of Karnali province and people through collaborations with the government of Karnali Province.

I congratulate MUSOM students and faculty memebers for their dedication to developing MUSOM as a center of excellence.

Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Pant