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Dear students,

Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd wanted to have a presentation about their company and a chance to interact with you regarding various career opportunities in Sipradi and to convey the prospects regarding application procedures. They would like to conduct the session on a virtual platform.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Achieve assigned sales target
  • Track activities of competitors
  • Plan and coordinate sales promotion, advertisement activities and brand building activities
  • Collect market feedback and competitor’s strategy timely and update to the concerned
  • Ensure timely collection of receivable
  • Maintain financial discipline

Job Specifications:

  • Graduate in management
  • Priority given to candidates with prior experience in sale of vehicles, auto parts, battery, FMCG.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and reporting skills
  • Good knowledge of MS word, excel & PowerPoint
  • Ability to work in a team
  • A valid two-wheeler driving license

Interested can apply through below link:


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Download : MUSOMAT

CMAT – BHM 1st Batch

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Tracer Study Questionnaire

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BHM Brochure

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One Day Workshop Based Business Model Competition
Name of the Event: Business Model Design Competition
Focus Group: All students of BBA Sixth Semester (Morning Shift)
Subject Area: Entrepreneurship Development


 Develop creative skills of idea generations and successful
crafting of business models;
 Foster entrepreneurial thinking in the students
 Encourage analytical thinking as the foundation of decision
 Help students honing pitching skills to appeal to investment

Program Format: This is a team-based student event. Each of the teams will design
business model and jointly pitch the idea. Each team will get 15 minutes of
presentation following by questions and feedback from experts and judges. The
the team will use powerpoint slides and other paper-based visual tools to persuade the
Program Date and Time: 2078/11/7, Friday/ 8 a.m. onwards.
Venue: MUSOMclassrooms
Total teams: There are seven teams with seven different business models. the
names of teams are:
1. Hippocampus
2. The Biz Maestros
3. Karnali Warriors
4. The Risers
5. Innovative Avators
6. Araniko's
7. The Van Guard

Facilitators: The program will be conducted in the presence of an expert or
an experienced entrepreneur who will work as the coach and judge.
The best team will be rewarded with certificates and a small cash prize.